301 Lake Avenue – Lundy Remodel

19 October 2014 / By Derek Skalko

Project Team: Derek M. Skalko, Gavin Merlino, Chad Oppenheim and Bluegreen

Location: Aspen, Colorado

301 Lake Avenue, known also as the Lundy Residence due to its original architect, Victor Lundy, FAIA, is arguably the most important residential restoration / redevelopment project 1 Friday has been commissioned to date. We began our riggored journey by always keeping in mind the question “How does one add onto a masterpiece?” without being too aggressive (or too reverent) in the design solution approach.  The focus of the project has been to preserve the greatest amount of the interior and exterior spaces of the home as programmatically possible while assuring the addition being proposed would compliment the existing masonry and glass construction through a refined aesthetic restraint via the scale and formal mass, material choices, and detailing methodologies.  When studying the planning of the home, we were careful to honour the philosophical approach of Mr. Lundy’s intentions while clearly ensuring we addressed the project addition as a product of its own time period. The home’s parti “hinges” the old and new architecture’s circulation, subtly transitioning the home between the public and private perceived amenity. The conceptual decision to utilize a single -story, horizontal extending “bar” typology along the rear of the property acts to serve as a backdrop for the larger and predominantly cubic volume that comprises the main residence.   As is so strong in Victor’s original solution, the experiential quality of light within the home and the connection from indoor to outdoor amenity drives the primary focus of the multilevel planning strategies. The project was awarded Aspen Modern designation and protection from any possible future demolition in October of 2014. Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2015.

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