skalko2For more than a decade, 1 Friday Design has earned an impeccable reputation for high-end residential architecture design and client service.

Specializing in projects both large and small, we have garnered local, regional and national awards and have been published in numerous books, print and e-publications around the globe (on 6 continents, to be exact).

The size and structure of 1 Friday Design makes it possible to provide each project with a great measure of personal attention. A limited number of commissions are selected per year. Our firm stresses the importance of a client’s involvement in the design process from conception to final execution. Attention to detail, regardless of scope and scale, is critical to every commission, and we believe each project benefits from the clarity and thoroughness of our methodology and process. We provide the quality of service our clients expect and the creative solutions they desire in a timely and economically responsible fashion.

We collaborate closely with our clients in all phases of the building process: conceptual design, planning, construction administration and interiors. We also work in-step with builders, engineers and other industry professionals to steer efficiencies of time and budget. Seamless integration of project teams, ideas and materials are the hallmark of a 1 Friday Design experience.