301 Lake – Lundy

05 May 2019 / By admin

301 Lake — Lundy

Project Team
Derek M. Skalko, Gavin Merlino, Chad Oppenheim, Kevin Vessel, Susan Okie, Kristy Van de Kamp and Bluegreen

Aspen, Colorado

301 Lake Avenue, known also as the Lundy Residence due to its original architect, Victor Lundy, FAIA, is arguably the most important residential restoration / redevelopment project 1 Friday has been commissioned to date. We began our rigored journey in March of 2014 by always keeping in mind the question, “How does one add onto a masterpiece?” While ensuring we wouldn’t become too reverent to the past, we always pursued our design exploration from a foundation of respect and restraint.

The feel of the interior is one of profound serenity, simultaneously open and private, the main masonry volume acts with almost fortress-like solidity to the north and west, with the east opening itself to the landscape through a reimagined wall of operable glazing. Aspen essentially “grew in” around the existing home, and we worked diligently to re-establish the lost indoor-outdoor connection forty years of development surrounding the home had eroded. The home’s parti “hinges” the old and new architecture’s circulation along the property’s south, subtly transitioning the planning between public and private perceived amenity throughout the home. The conceptual decision to utilize a single-story, horizontal extending “bar” typology along the rear of the property acts to serve as a backdrop for the larger and predominantly cubic volume that comprises the great room of the residence. As is so strong in Victor’s original solution, the experiential quality of light within the home, along with the connection from indoor to outdoor amenity, drives the primary focus of the multilevel planning strategies. Material selection was also critical in keeping the essence of the space, yet reflect a timeless but updated look that functioned with today’s varied uses.

The home was completed in of December of 2018, and continues to garner both critical acclaim and publication interest regionally and internationally.