629 West Smuggler

03 May 2019 / By admin

629 West Smuggler

Project Team
Derek Skalko, Gilbert Sanchez, Joseph Spears and Monique Spears

Aspen, Colorado


  • Design Excellence Award, City of Aspen Historical Preservation Commission (2008)
  • Modern in Denver Outstanding Home Award (2008)

This multi-award-winning residence entails a complete restoration/renovation of an historic Victorian home and shed in Aspen’s West End District. The existing house was redeveloped with a contemporary addition directly responding to the vibrant historical context of the surrounding neighborhood. Conceptual design and aesthetic were driven by the property’s shed structure, resulting in a patchwork approach executed by utilizing very contemporary detailing methods in the roofing and siding applications. By creating a dialogue between the old and new architectures through similar forms, massing and materials, the addition is designed to read horizontally as a product of its own time. Construction of the 5,000 sq ft project was completed in December of 2007.

a dialogue between the old and new architectures