Calgary Art Pavilion

20 April 2019 / By admin

Calgary Art Pavilion

Project Team
Derek Skalko

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of life within the urban context of a city is the continual opportunity for chance encounter upon its streets. From outdoor markets to sidewalk entertainment, there seems to exist a serendipitous pleasure we as passersby take from a city’s random offering of interventions and occurrences.

The idea of Artcity is based upon a similar philosophy, so the intent of creating an active “sculpture” having three focuses became the solution: design, display and urban furniture.

The design solution attempted to provide the urban amenities of seating and shade while housing display areas for art installations. The cutouts or “peep holes” attempt to engage the follies into becoming artistic catalysts themselves, where those viewing the art, in turn, become art for the general passerby.