Loom 2one6

30 April 2019 / By admin

Loom 2one6

Project Team
Derek Skalko and Gavin Merlino

Aspen, Colorado


  • Design Excellence Award, City of Aspen Historical Preservation Commission (2011)

What began as a kitchen remodel in an historic Aspen mining cottage grew to involve a series of artist studio studies for the backyard of a quaint residence known as The Pink House. Two very unique directions were initially investigated to address budget concerns and alternate programmatic directions. Incorporating LEED-inspired responses and solutions was a priority, taking advantage of solar paths and materials with high performance returns. The final 500 sq ft two-story gabled design integrates the surrounding historical neighborhood context and heavy evergreen forestation of the project site. Forms and colour choices are playfully simplified and exaggerated to produce a modern take on the traditional Victorian aesthetic of the West End. The interior concept for the studio was inspired by the operation and visual features of a weaving loom. Serving as both a railing and wall for the interior upper loft area, the lattice detailing creates a woven interplay of materials, texture and shadow within the minimalist space.