25 April 2019 / By admin


Project Team
Derek Skalko, Noah Czech & Ryan Hoffner

Ames, Iowa

Proposed as an architectural intervention for the city of Ames, Iowa, “Skyline” was an exploration towards the idea of what constitutes the implied notion of a city. When distilled to its fundamental aesthetic, we felt layers of materiality upon layers of light define the foundational built environment of a city.

The idea of Skyline was really to simply create a sculptural beacon to an existing and very prominent grain elevator as you approach the city of Ames. By utilizing a series of vertical and horizontal glazed planes, the structure would be deconstructed into something more of a skyline that could act as both a monument and a work of art for the community. The concept was extended to not only create an interesting play of light and shadow within the day hours, for the structure, but also a multi-lit layered series of various coloured planes within the night, providing a striking contrast to the predominant horizontality of the plains environment, not dissimilar from a skyline’s dynamic in many major cities globally.

The competition was held by the Ames Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.