01 May 2019 / By admin

Work N Park Cube

Project Team
Derek Skalko

Aspen, Colorado


  • Colorado Homes “Best of the West”  (2010)

The inventive Work N Park Cube is a playful garage and office solution for a shared condominium unit in the West End District of Aspen. Driven by limited space, strict budgetary concerns and the functional requirements of both clients, the cube form was chosen as a starting point for its natural simplicity. Programmatic minimums, along with strict zoning design and square footage allowances from the city resulted in a cubic volume pushed and pulled ever so slightly to address each issue specific to the project demands. The end result is an alley building with a unique versatility and highly functional program, integrating a LEED-inspired approach including solar strategies and rain collection integration. A five-month construction timeline led to the project’s completion in November of 2009.