We believe the most important thing any designer can do is to simply listen.

Listen-1-Friday-DSWe create an architecture that listens to its place. It responds. We are mindful of the environment in which we are working. How does the project tie into the geography of the area, the microclimate, the end users and their concerns? What makes sense for one project may not make any sense on the next —perhaps even when they’re located within a stone’s throw of one another.

We understand this reality and believe the proof is in the project. A strong sense of place and purpose guides our approach. We design to the landscape, the environment and the specific demands of each project, every client.  We strive for cost-effective and energy-conscious solutions and find beauty in balancing the needs of our clients with the needs of our time, where sustainability is an obligation, not an option.

We successfully answer the needs and desires of our clients today, and where they ultimately will be for years to come.

Wayne Gretzky was once asked how he was capable of maintaining his level of success year after year with an almost effortless grace. He replied calmly, “I don’t play where the puck is, I play where the puck is going to be.”

Since our inception, we at 1 Friday Design have devoted ourselves to individual client needs. Thoughtful design encompasses a visual beauty as well as a strict and rigorous attention to detail and craft. We stress the importance of a sympathetic relationship between what we produce and the world in which it exists. We attribute a great amount of our early achievements to approaching every project with a philosophy similar to Gretzky’s approach to hockey, continually striving to reach beyond the present trends and cookie cutter mentality in what we create as designers.